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At LBF, we strive to make our services as accessible as possible.

Our free 1000 word manuscript critique is designed to advise you on how to proceed and which of the services below best suit your needs. Alternatively, if you already know exactly what you want from us then this list will guide you to whichever service you require.

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Moreover, with 100% flexibility you can vary these services to compliment that particularly tricky chapter you have been struggling with and the brilliant prologue you know needs little work. Plus, the more services you use, the cheaper they become!

The Editorial Process

The diagram below shows the stages most novels go through during the editing process. As stated above, when it comes to editing your own novel, you do not need to follow this model; different manuscripts require different approaches. A detailed description of each service follows the diagram.

Editorial Process Diagram

Manuscript Critique

This full manuscript critique is for those of you who want more advice than 1000 words allow. However, intended as the first response after the initial writing is complete, it directs you to areas that need editorial work but does not edit any of the text itself. After this stage it will become clear if you need content editing to increase consistency, and if so in which sections of your novel. It is suggested that every novel undergoes line editing.

Perhaps this critique is best summed up as 'a brief overview of what further
work is required'.


Content Editing

Sometimes referred to as 'developmental editing', this checks for inconsistencies in character, theme and plot. It also ensures that the whole manuscript flows consistently from one section to the next.

The price quoted is for 'light' content editing in which detailed improvement suggestions are provided throughout the text. Line editing will be done in conjunction with this, so there is no need to purchase a separate line editing service. There is the further possibility of 'heavy' content editing, in which LBF would rewrite particularly tricky sections with which the writer has too much attachment to deal with objectively. This option focuses on very specific sections of the text and can be discussed during the initial consultation stage.


Line Editing

Once you are happy with the content and overall structure of your manuscript, this penultimate stage ensures that accuracy and style is consistently applied at sentence level. Any clumsy sentence structures will be rectified at this point, as will mistakes in grammar.



As the final stage before publication, this offers last-minute checks on spelling, punctuation and grammar, and ensures that the format and style of the final document we send you is in keeping with your desired output.